Product Warranty Terms


1. The Product Warranty of Cobra Center is valid for a period of two (2) years for all devices and six (6) months for all their accessories, such as e.g. battery, charger, antenna, microphone and headset, from the date of first purchase.


2. If the product does not work properly during the warranty period, the Authorized Service center of Cobra Center will repair it for the purpose that it was manufactured, without charge for spare parts or labor.


 3. The warranty is valid only if the product is accompanied by the original or a copy (which will bear the stamp of the store) invoice or proof of purchase. Cobra Center reserves the right to refuse repair during the warranty, if the product is not accompanied by the original or copy (which will bear the store stamp) invoice or proof of purchase by the consumer.

4. The warranty does not cover the charges and the risks related to the trandfer of the product for repair to the service of the company based at the address 25th Martiou 13 & Teo in Tavros, 17778, Attica, as well as with the installation of the product and any other costs directly or indirectly related to its repair.

5. All the repairs of the warranty must be performed by the authorized service center of Cobra Center.

6. The warranty does not cover:

  • Periodic checks of good operation.
  • Repairs, conversions or cleanings that took place in an unauthorized service.
  • Improper use, overuse, handling or operation of the product in a manner inconsistent with the instructions contained in the manuals for use, drop, excessive vibration.
  • Products that do not have the serial number (S/N) or the security sticker has been violated (if there was a security sticker).
  • Connecting the product to equipment that is not compatible or approved by Cobra Center.
  • Damage caused by extreme weather conditions, lightining, water or humidity, fire, faulty mainhs voltage or any reason beyond the control of the Cobra Center.

7. The warranty is offered to any person who legally owns the product within its duration.

8. The warranty is the full compensation of the buyer. Cobra Center is not liable for any damage other than repair or replacement as above, which is directly or indirectly related to the malfunction of the product.